Beauty of the Week Azealia Banks

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Young and Beautiful Azealia Banks is an American rapper, singer and dancer from Harlem, NY also this week's Beauty of the Week. Raised (in a single parent home) by her mother in Harlem due to the fact her father died when she was only two also the youngest of  Two older sisters. At a young age Banks found a love for singing, musical theater and acting. She began performing Broadway musicals with the Tada! Youth Theater, she had lead roles in some productions (Rabbit Sense, Sleepover, and Heroes) in addition to performing as a soloist. Watch as Azealia speaks on her experiences at LaGuardia High school, how she started rapping and the debut album with producer Paul Epworth.
Ms.Banks never finished high school, instead choosing to follow her dream of becoming a entertainer.

Azealia Banks is truly bless to be here, in a controversial interview with Dazed & Confused she explained her troubled childhood.

''After my dad died, my mom became really abusive physically and verbally. 

Like she would hit me and my sisters with baseball bats, bang our heads up against walls, and she would always tell me i was ugly.' 

'I remember once she threw out all the food in the fridge, just so we wouldn't have anything to eat.

'It was like growing up a feral child, being raised by this person who was always yelling and screaming, hitting you and dragging you around and s***.'

'Granted, she never had any drug or drinking problems her house was clean, her hair was always done, and we had stuff f***ed me up real bad.'
Well Azealia Banks is beautiful!
This my S***! ''212'' a certified hit showcase Banks range as an artist.
Azealia Banks always gives me a reason to rewind a track.
The Fall 2012 T by Alexander Wang Campaign video featuring Azealia Banks!
Ms.Banks teamed up with Mac on Yung Rapunxel (name after her alter ego) limited edition Lipstick, big things going good for young beauty!
Banks sat down for a chat with Rolling Stone, about the inspiration behind her new lipstick.
''Yung Rapunxel '' represents what i'm all about: being myself, no matter what it costs. Yung Rapunxel is that girl who pisses people off but doesn't really mean to. She's actually a sweetheart! But people are so taken aback that she's so herself; she does what she wants to do. So, the lipstick is here for someone who is happy to be themself.
She also goes in on that fact on why the lipstick is purple, I think purple on dark skin does look really royal (True). So instead of a brown or red, i thought purple was perfect for me. RS
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